Using the 365 Kredittkort

One of the best things about getting a credit card is being able to enjoy the rewards that are on offer. There is no reason for you to always charge things to your debit card, when you can use your credit card and get so much more in return. We have to talk here about the benefits of these 365 kredittkort rewards programs, but we also have to talk a little bit about how you are going to be able to improve your financial situation using these rewards, and by using credit cards in general.

So how does it all work? We can explain. When it comes to your regular expenses, such as going out or getting groceries or paying bills, why put them on your debit card? Pay them with your credit card. Not only have you not paid your savings for these things until they have properly cleared and you have checked the amount, but you are also going to get cash back and other rewards on your credit card. Some cards offer grocery cash back, while others have rewards points you can use to get free money or gifts or further rewards. It is a really interesting proposition.

365 kredittkort

And now you may be thinking: why add money to my credit card balance for rewards when I will get charged interest? This is a misconception. You only get an interest charge if you do NOT pay off your balance on the due date. Say you spent 500 euros for a month on groceries and a few bills and you put it all on your card. Now when the month is up and your statement comes with a due date, simply pay the 500 euros from your bank account and your balance is cleared. You got those rewards or cash back on the credit card, and you paid the balance before interest kicked in.