If you are a regular vaper you know the ridiculous number of tastes out there.

Have you ever wished you could smoke and drink a coffee at one go to save time? Go for the coffee flavor. Have you ever felt like you could kill for a slice of grandma’s pound cake? No problemo. Smoking a pound cake with eliquid.

The variety of eliquid flavors is endless. I remember once stumbling upon a liquid with the taste of cinnamon rolls, so you surely won’t find yourself stuck with the same flavor anytime in the near future. If you ever find yourself bored or having some free time and don’t know what to do, you can easily spend hours surfing different eliquid sites for tastes, while continuously having that “eureka” moment every ten minutes. Even if you are not a big cinnamon roll fan, you will surely find a long list of delicious favorites that you want to give a try. Be bold and go for that extra hot chili in your next order, but be advised, it is always wise to keep at least one or two tried and true flavors on your order list.

Although providing your taste buds with true delight is always enjoyable, having the option to choose between different nicotine dosages is also a great plus that comes with these liquids. If your goal is to quit smoking by cutting back on your nicotine intake, laying out a plan for gradual withdrawal is always advisable. If you’ve been smoking a pack a day, you can start with the 6mg nicotine content and lower it to 3mg over time. Once you feel comfortable with your new nicotine level, you can go for a nicotine free life in no time, and go for zero mg.