The Natural Makeup Look: Easier Than You Think!

Makeup can be a great way to look dramatic and stand out from the crowd, but dramatic makeup looks aren’t really suited for everyday life when you’re just a regular girl. If you want to wear makeup to hide your imperfections and enhance your features without looking obvious about it, the obvious answer is of course that less is more. You can use birchbox coupons to get all the items you need for a natural everyday makeup look.

Use your birchbox coupons wisely. Instead of foundation, instead opt for a BB cream. A BB cream is much lighter on the skin and will even out skin tone and hide any imperfections without looking like a mask. The problem with foundation is that it literally makes your face one single uniform color, which looks extremely unnatural. That’s why you have to add dimension and color back into your face through things like contouring, bronzing and blush. BB cream hides imperfections, but doesn’t take away the natural dimensions of your face which is what makes the look so effortlessly natural.

Skip eye shadow when you’re going for a natural look. You can use eyeliner, but be sure to pick eyeliner that won’t seem too out of place. For light haired girls, brown eyeliner can look great. If you have dark hair, black eyeliner will work as well. Use a pencil eyeliner instead of liquid liners for the best result and apply it only to your upper lash line, as closely to the lashes as possible. This will make your lashes seem fuller without it being obvious that you’re wearing eyeliner. You can curl your eyelashes and leave them without mascara for a more natural look, but you can add mascara as well if your lashes are really light. Add some lightly colored chap stick and your look is complete.